Litovelské Pomoraví (area along the Morava river): Possibility of swimming

  • Physical difficulty: Moderately difficult
  • Length: up to 400 min
  • Refreshments: possibility of having a snack in one of the local pubs
  • Wheelchair accessibility: No

It is recommended to do this trip during the summer season – one has a possibility of swimming in local waters (sandpit, river Morava) and one can also hide in bottomland forests that extend along the river. On a way one encounters lovely, secluded places, where he or she experiences hospitality of people from Haná.

If we leave our village and follow the green tourist route in direction of Náklo, after three kilometres we approach to a flooded sandpit, also called Náklo. It is allowed to swim there at marked places.  After we cool down sufficiently, we can follow the same route towards Lhota nad Moravou, where we get in two shakes. At the crossroads it is necessary to take the path marked by red colour in direction of Hynkov. But watch out! Before we enter Hynkov, we can pass the bridge by our left hand and go to see the weir on the Morava river, which is only 200m far away from the main path. The local people tend to bathe even there.  After seeing the weir we return back to the main path, pass through Hynkov and suddenly find ourselves amidst the beautiful, bottomland forests. Once we approach the crossroads called U Tří Mostů, we say farewell to the Morava river and take again the green path in direction of Skrbeň. We pass almost through the whole village just to come to the railway line, along which our path leads. At this point we are almost at the end of our journey, which means back in Příkazy. It is recommended to enjoy the nice view of Haná and appreciate its flatness and fertility.

The whole area of Litovelské Pomoraví is the most beautiful in spring, when everything flourishes and awakens after the winter.