About our museum

Complex of vernacular architecture buildings in Příkazy, also known as Hanácké skanzen, is one and only testimony of earthen vernacular architecture of Haná region. The extent of preservation of the whole compound, including gardens with fruit trees, three unique casement barns and one replica, is remarkable. The whole area is surrounded by low earthen walls from the 1st half of 19th century.

The days of earthen architecture are an important enrichment of ordinary guided tours, as well as interactive demonstrations of traditional harvest and threshing processes – visitors are free to experience those once ordinary jobs of countrymen. Artisanal fairs, concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural events take place here not only in summer, but also on Christmas and during Easter. The former granaries, located above the residential section, are converted to a cosy gallery – up to 4 expositions take place there every year, appropriately completing the peculiar atmosphere that space. One of the barns is used as multifunctional hall for movie screenings, organizing concerts and theatrical performances. 

The “U Berana tavern” completes your final impression – it is opened during the bigger events in the spaces of former kitchen and designed to provide a pleasant outdoor seating and refreshment in the yard of the farmhouse.